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About Neuromash

NeuroMash, is a “mind-control” casino gaming company utilizing newly available third-party mobile, inexpensive, EEG-reading headsets for specific casino gaming purposes. This headset, developed by NeuroSky, utilizes raw brainwave signals to control the game’s interaction.

We chose NeuroMash as our company name because we wanted to “mash-up” classical gaming with this unique and novel form of user interaction. We believe our new “mindcontrol” casino gaming will offer a "disruptive" level of user interaction right along with currently available traditional casino gaming. Just imagine, use “a mental mind-trick” and beat the house in slots.

Mind-control casino gaming will offer the gamers what they have always wanted, the power to self influence their odds of winning.

Nothing captures the imagination like the power of the mind; and playing our “mind games” in multiplayer environments, such as our upcoming “Neuropoker” game, you will learn how to hone your real-world poker skills and become a better competitor.

If you believe in our futuristic vision of gaming and our passion, then please donate to this project on our FundRazr Campaign.

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The Games

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